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Workforce Management 8.5 Web for Supervisors (Classic) Help

Welcome to Workforce Management (WFM) Web for Supervisors (Classic) Help. Use this page to go directly to the information you need, or use the Table of Contents to take a step-by-step tour of all the features and functions in WFM Web for Supervisors.

WFM has a new interface for the Forecast module. If you have landed on this page by accident and are using the new Supervisors interface, see Workforce Management Supervisor Help, which describes the new Forecast module.

Getting Started

Learn about WFM controls, setting the date, and finding agents in large tables.

Policies and Configuration

Create your policies, organizational objects, and security roles.

Calendar and Trading

Create calendar items, set time-off limits, and manage schedule trade requests.

Forecast and Schedules

Create Forecasts and scenarios, Schedules and scenarios (Master and Intra-Day).

Performance, Adherence, and Reports

Monitor performance and set alerts, calculate adherence per-channel, and create reports.

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