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Add/Remove Scenario Elements: Add Profile Agents

In the Add/Remove Scenario Elements Wizard Add Profile Agents based on Real Agents screen agents are displayed in a tree, which is inside a table with these columns:

  • Agents—Each agent's name.
  • Present—The number of agent profiles, based on this real agent, that are already present in scenario. This number is read-only.
  • Add—Select the check box in this column to add this agent's profile to the scenario. Clear the check box to not add the profile. As a short cut, you can select a single check box for any branch of the tree: business unit, site, team—to select all items below it.

To add profile agents, based on real agents:

  1. Select or clear individual agent check boxes, as needed.
  2. Select or clear the check box Place Profile Agents, Based on Real Agents, Into Their Teams.
  3. Click Next to proceed to the next screen.
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