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Configuring Bidding Scenarios

Begin at the Schedule Scenarios view.

1. Create a Forecast Scenario

  1. Create a New Forecast Scenario.
  2. Define the work week(s) that this forecast spans and the activities that it requires.
  3. Build Volumes, Build Staffing, and then Publish the Forecast.
    This transfers the forecast to the master schedule database, so you can configure a bidding schedule.
  4. Follow all the steps exactly as you would to create a non-bidding schedule.

2. Create a Schedule Scenario

  1. Create a New Schedule Scenario.
  2. Define the General Parameters including Start Date, End Date and Extended End Date.
    For example, you can build a 1-week bidding schedule the Start Date 3 June 2007, and the End Date 9 June 2007, and the Extended End Date is 1 September 2007. The one-week schedule that you present to agents for bidding, is applicable for the entire 3rd quarter of 2007. Agents can see the Extended End Date during bidding, and thus know that they are bidding on schedules for the entire 3rd quarter.
  3. Select Activities, and Agent Profiles.
    You can select real agents too, but their schedules will not be biddable.
  4. Build the scenario.

3. Configure the Scenario for Bidding

  1. Build the Bidding Schedule.
  2. Define which agents can bid in the Bidding Candidates Selection dialog.
  3. Define when agents can bid in the Control Bidding Process Wizard.
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