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Commit/Rollback Multiple Wizard

Use the Commit/Rollback Multiple Wizard (CRW) to commit or roll back all pending schedule changes for selected agents on selected dates. You can use this wizard in Agent-Extended, Intra-Day, or Weekly view for a schedule scenario or the Master Schedule.

You must have the Approve Changes security permission enabled to commit pending changes to the Master Schedule. If you do not, you can use this wizard only to roll back pending changes. If you are working in a schedule scenario, then you can commit/rollback all pending changes.


  • CommitCommitting a pending change makes it part of the Commit/Rollback Wizard publically-available scenario or Master Schedule. When a schedule scenario is published, only committed changes appear in the Master Schedule.
  • RollbackRolling back pending changes removes them from possible inclusion in the scenario or Master Schedule.
  • Pending—A schedule change will be put in Pending status in three cases:
    1. The user making changes to the Master Schedule does not have security permissions to approve changes in the Schedule module.
    2. The user who is making changes to the Master Schedule does have permission to approve changes, but turns off Auto-Commit (Auto-commit button).
    3. The user is working with a schedule scenario and turns off the Auto-Commit icon.

    In all cases, the user must click Save for the changes to be evaluated by the system (and appropriate warnings generated). At that point, the changes go into a Pending state if any of the three conditions are met.

    Users can see changes that are Pending because they will have an upside-down red triangle (yield icon) in the left-most column of the schedule view. However, if the user does have Approve Changes permission and does have the Auto-Commit icon enabled, then when the user clicks Save, barring any warnings, these changes will become Committed to the schedule.

    So, with Pending changes, the user may invoke the Commit/Rollback Wizard to either commit pending changes for selected agents and dates, or roll those pending changes back, which is basically undoing those pending changes for the selected agents and dates

If you have the Approve Changes permission, there are two additional ways to work with pending schedule changes:

  • You can approve or reject pending changes to the Master Schedule using the Master Schedule Change Approval module. The Changes Approval module enables you to view each pending change before deciding whether to approve or reject them. Using the Commit/Rollback Multiple Wizard, you commit or roll back all changes for the selected agents and dates without seeing each change.
  • You can commit or roll back all items in an agent's schedule day that have pending status directly in the Master Schedule Intra-Day or Master Schedule Agent-Extended views. To do so, right-click the row showing the agent's schedule and then select Commit or Rollback. If you are working in a schedule scenario, you can do this regardless of whether or not you have Approve Changes permissions.

Using the Commit/Rollback Multiple Wizard

To use the wizard:

  1. From the view's Actions toolbar or Actions menu, select Commit/Rollback Multiple.
    If you have unsaved changes, WFM Web prompts you to save them before proceeding.
    The Commit/Rollback Multiple Wizard's first screen, Select Activities, opens.
  2. Select the activities whose pending changes you want to commit or roll back.
    The Commit/Rollback Multiple Wizard's next screen, Select Agents, opens.
  3. Select the agents whose pending changes you want to commit or roll back. 
    Note that agents without skills are not displayed in the Select Agents screen.
  4. Select whether to commit or roll back pending changes.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In the [[CRBSltDtsSc|Select Dates] screen, select the dates for which to save or delete pending items, and then click Finish.
    The view reappears.
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