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Workforce Management 8.5 Supervisor Help

Welcome to the Workforce Management (WFM) Supervisor Help. Use this page to go directly to the information you need, or use the Table of Contents to take a step-by-step tour of all the features and functions in WFM Supervisor interface.

This Help describes the latest interface for the Workforce Management (WFM) Forecast module (introduced in 8.5.2). If you are using the classic Supervisor interface and have landed on this page by accident, see Workforce Management Web for Supervisors (Classic) Help, which describes the classic Forecast module and all other modules in WFM Web.

Tour the latest WFM Forecast Interface

Take a video tour of the features and controls of the latest WFM Forecast interface.

Getting Started

Learn how to navigate WFM Web, logging in/out, and about its controls and settings.

Forecast Scenarios

Create forecast scenarios, build volumes, staff, and publish forecasts.

Forecast Overlays, Events, and Templates

Create overlays, overlay events, and templates in forecasts.

Master Forecasts

View Master Forecast volumes, staffing, and shrinkage data.

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