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Genesys Callback

Genesys Callback provides a single platform across the IVR, Web and Mobile touchpoints, offering a seamless integration with the contact center without needing to replace the telephony infrastructure. The goal is to offer a consolidated approach to callback, replacing callback functionality from other Genesys products: Web Callback, Genesys Mobile Engagement (GME) Callback and Voice Callback.

Genesys Callback features are based on the callback services provided by the Genesys Mobile Services (GMS) component as documented in the guides below.

Genesys Callback falls under the Customer Engagement Digital solution of the Genesys Engage offering.

Release Notes


Callback Solution Guide

Use this to configure Callback Services.

Other Documentation You Might Find Helpful

These guides deal with important pre-requisite Genesys Mobile Engagement documentation.

Genesys Mobile Services Deployment Guide

Use to deploy Genesys Mobile Services.

Genesys Mobile Services API Reference

Use this to customize Genesys Mobile Services.

Genesys Mobile Services Client Samples

Use this to access the GMS samples.

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