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Genesys Designer

This documentation is intended for Designer 8.5 releases. If you are using Designer version 9.0, you will find the help topics for that release in the Designer section of the PureEngage Cloud Administrator's Guide. (You can check your version of Designer in the top-right corner of the Designer interface.)

Genesys Designer is a web-based tool for developing self-service (Interactive Voice Response, or IVR) applications and assisted service (Routing) applications that run on the Genesys platform.

Designer provides easy to use, highly functional blocks that enable common tasks in a simple and straightforward manner. You can drag and drop blocks from the Palette into the Application Flow to build self-service applications, which are based on VoiceXML, or Routing applications, which combine self-service (VoiceXML) applications and Routing (SCXML) applications. Designer provides a seamless development environment in which users do not need to be aware of these technical details to start developing applications.

Designer also provides layered access roles to ensure that your users only have access that is appropriate for your business needs - such as the ability to make changes to prompts, business hours, or set an emergency routing flag - without exposing control to the overall application logic.

Release Notes


Designer Help

Provides information on how to use Designer.

Designer Quick Start Guide

Provides introductory information on getting started with Designer.

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