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Genesys Info Mart Historical Database Reference

The Genesys Info Mart Historical Database Reference is made available for Genesys PureEngage Cloud customers who use the Data Export capability. This reference guide acquaints you with the historical reporting data that is collected in the Genesys historical database (the Info Mart database).

What is Genesys Info Mart?

Genesys Info Mart is the enterprise-level Genesys application behind the historical reports in your Cloud deployment. Genesys Info Mart receives interaction data from various upstream enterprise-level Genesys applications, then processes the low-level data to produce a data mart that Genesys PureEngage Cloud uses for contact center historical reporting.

Genesys Info Mart consists of a server component (the Genesys Info Mart Server) and a historical database (the Info Mart database). The Info Mart database stores the low-level interaction data, as well as processed data that is suitable for end-user reports. Genesys Info Mart also hosts an aggregation engine that aggregates or re-aggregates the processed data. The historical reports available in your Cloud deployment are based on this aggregate data.

What’s in this document?

This document will help you make informed business decisions, based on the information that is collected by Genesys Info Mart. It will also help you understand how you can use the data that is collected by Genesys Info Mart to create reports. In brief, you will find the following information in this document:


This document does not include information about the aggregate tables in the Info Mart database.

See Important information for Cloud customers for additional important information.

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