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General Disclaimer

The information contained herein is proprietary and confidential and cannot be disclosed or duplicated without the prior written consent of Genesys Cloud Services, Inc. Copyright © 2004–2022 Genesys Cloud Services, Inc. All rights reserved.

About Genesys

Genesys® powers 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year. Our success comes from connecting employee and customer conversations on any channel, every day. Over 10,000 companies in 100+ countries trust our #1 customer experience platform to drive great business outcomes and create lasting relationships. Combining the best of technology and human ingenuity, we build solutions that mirror natural communication and work the way you think. Our industry-leading solutions foster true omnichannel engagement, performing equally well across all channels, on-premise and in the cloud. Experience communication as it should be: fluid, instinctive and profoundly empowering.

Genesys Documentation

Each product has its own documentation for online viewing at this Genesys Technical Documentation website or on the Documentation Library DVD, which is available from Genesys upon request. For more information, contact your sales representative.

For Genesys Developer Documentation Only

The Genesys developer materials outlined in this document are intended to be used for the following purposes:

  • Creation of contact-center agent desktop applications associated with Genesys software implementations.
  • Server-side integration between Genesys software and third-party software.
  • Creation of a specialized client application specific to customer needs.

The Genesys software functions available for development are clearly documented. No undocumented functionality is to be utilized without Genesys’s express written consent. The following Use Conditions apply in all cases for developers employing the Genesys developer materials outlined in this document:

  1. Possession of interface documentation does not imply a right to use by a third party. Genesys conditions for use, as outlined below or in the Genesys Developer Program Guide, must be met.
  2. This interface shall not be used unless the developer is a member in good standing of the Genesys Interacts program or has a valid Master Software License and Services Agreement with Genesys.
  3. A developer shall not be entitled to use any licenses granted hereunder unless the developer’s organization has met or obtained all prerequisite licensing and software as set out by Genesys.
  4. A developer shall not be entitled to use any licenses granted hereunder if the developer’s organization is delinquent in any payments or amounts owed to Genesys.
  5. A developer shall not use the Genesys developer materials outlined in this document for any general application development purposes that are not associated with the above-mentioned intended purposes for the use of the Genesys developer materials outlined in this document.
  6. A developer shall disclose the developer materials outlined in this document only to those employees who have a direct need to create, debug, and/or test one or more participant-specific objects and/or software files that access, communicate, or interoperate with the Genesys API.
  7. The developed works and Genesys software running in conjunction with one another (hereinafter referred to together as the “integrated solutions”) should not compromise data integrity. For example, if both the Genesys software and the integrated solutions can modify the same data, then modifications by either product must not circumvent the other product’s data integrity rules. In addition, the integration should not cause duplicate copies of data to exist in both participant and Genesys databases, unless it can be assured that data modifications propagate all copies within the time required by typical users.
  8. The integrated solutions shall not compromise data or application security, access, or visibility restrictions that are enforced by either the Genesys software or the developed works.
  9. The integrated solutions shall conform to design and implementation guidelines and restrictions described in the Genesys Developer Program Guide and Genesys software documentation. For example:
    • The integration must use only published interfaces to access Genesys data.
    • The integration shall not modify data in Genesys database tables directly using SQL.
    • The integration shall not introduce database triggers or stored procedures that operate on Genesys database tables.

Any schema extension to Genesys database tables must be carried out using Genesys Developer software through documented methods and features. The Genesys developer materials outlined in this document are not intended to be used for the creation of any product with functionality comparable to any Genesys products, including products similar or substantially similar to Genesys’s current general-availability, beta, and announced products.

Any attempt to use the Genesys developer materials outlined in this document or any Genesys Developer software contrary to this clause shall be deemed a material breach with immediate termination of this addendum, and Genesys shall be entitled to seek to protect its interests, including but not limited to, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, as well as money damages.


Although reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information in our documentation is complete and accurate at the time of release, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., cannot assume responsibility for any existing errors. Changes and/or corrections to the information contained in such documentation may be incorporated in future versions.

Your Responsibility for Your System’s Security

You are responsible for the security of your system. Product administration to prevent unauthorized use is your responsibility. Your system administrator should read all documents provided with this product to fully understand the features available that reduce your risk of incurring charges for unlicensed use of Genesys products.


Genesys and the Genesys logo are registered trademarks of Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. All other company names and logos may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

In non-online documents (those in PDF and CHM formats), the Crystal monospace font is used by permission of Software Renovation Corporation, www.SoftwareRenovation.com.

Technical Support from VARs

If you have purchased support from a value-added reseller (VAR), please contact the VAR for technical support.

Customer Care from Genesys

If you have purchased support directly from Genesys, please contact Genesys Customer Care.

Prior to contacting Customer Care for technical support, please refer to the Genesys Care Support Guide for On-Premises for complete contact information and procedures.

Ordering and Licensing Information

Complete information on ordering and licensing Genesys products can be found in the Genesys Licensing Guide.

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