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Conversation Manager

Genesys Conversation Manager eliminates technology barriers and shares information about your customers across systems. It is a flexible data repository that makes the right data readily accessible across every communication channel and department. It allows a previously siloed organization to act like a single participant in a customer conversation, regardless of the communication channel chosen by the customer.

This documentation set groups all the information for Conversation Manager.

Conversation Manager functionality is not automatically provided with the purchase of GMS. For additional information, please contact a Genesys Sales Representative.

Release Notes


Conversation Manager Overview

An overview of Conversation Manager including Architecture, Journey Mapping, and Use Cases.

Conversation Manager Product Guide

Use this guide to learn more about Genesys CM requirements such as Pre-requisites, Sizing, and Security.

Related Documentation

Context Services

Context Services documentation.

Genesys Rules System

Genesys Rules System documentation.

Developer's Guide

Use this Developer's Guide to learn about the writing and the optimization of your applications on top of the Context Services.

Services API Reference

Use this guide to learn about Conversation Manager APIs which are provided by GMS.

Release Notes


Context Services 8.1 Conversation Manager

Use to understand the Conversation Manager user interface included with Context Services.

Readme and Advisory

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