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Genesys SDKs

Contact center applications require the ability to adapt to your specific business needs, and to your technical infrastructure. Genesys Software Development Kits (SDKs) enable you to incorporate Genesys functionality into your environment, either by building complete custom applications, or by integrating with third-party applications. By using the Genesys SDKs, your contact center can be more productive, reliable, and prepared to deliver the best customer experience.


SDK Typical Use Cases

Common examples of use cases for Genesys SDK applications.

SDK Product Packaging

Information on how the SDKs are packaged.

Genesys Universal SDK Authorized Integrations

Overview of development activities expressly authorized by Genesys licensing agreements.

Genesys SDKs in Relationship to Genesys Solutions

Quick reference showing which Genesys solutions our SDKs work with.

Available SDKs

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