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Genesys Desktop

Genesys Desktop .NET Toolkit reached End of Support (EOS) on November 3, 2009. It previously entered both End of Life (EOL) and End of Maintenance on November 3, 2009. If you have questions, contact your account representative.

Genesys Desktop is a thin-client, web-based desktop application that unifies Genesys Agent and Genesys Supervisor activities within a single user-interface. Genesys Agent Desktop streamlines the handling of customer interactions by agents in the contact center by the management of both PSTN and Internet interactions. Genesys Supervisor Desktop enables day-to-day supervisor activities in a single interface with real-time reporting by providing the tools supervisors that need to react to real-time conditions.

Genesys Agent Desktop falls under the Employee Engagement Omnichannel solution of the PureEngage offering.

Genesys Supervisor Desktop supports silent monitoring of agents on two different server types, SIP Server and T-Server for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Release Notes


Deployment Guide

Use this guide to install and configure Genesys Desktop.

Developer's Guide

Use this guide to write your own applications using Genesys Desktop.

Agent Help

Supervisor Help

Use this guide to learn how to use the Genesys Desktop GUI.

XML Tag Reference

Use these code samples to customize your desktop.

Customization Samples

Use these code samples to customize your desktop.

Genesys Proactive Routing 7.6 Solution Guide

Use this document for information on how to configure a proactive contact solution, that relies on Outbound Contact, Universal Routing, Multimedia (now called eServices), and Genesys Desktop.

Genesys Instant Messaging 7.6 Solution Guide

Use this document for information on how to configure an Instant Messaging solution, that relies on Universal Routing, SIP Server, and Genesys Desktop.

International Release Notes and Help

Readme and Advisories

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