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New in Release 8.1.2

  • SIP Feature Server now supports the following Dialplan improvements when the dialplanEnhancement option in the Dialplan section is set to true:
    • Heartbeat improvements
    • Response Code improvements
    • Cassandra exceptions


  • SIP Feature Server now provides an option profileRefreshInterval to configure the refresh interval for Dialplan partitions and calling profiles. This option should be configured in seconds. (SIPVM-6303)
  • Feature Server now supports connecting to a co-located/external Cassandra v2.2.x database. Feature Server also supports moving from an embedded Cassandra database to a co-located Cassandra database with the existing Cassandra version (v1.1.6/12). Feature Server has the following features in this deployment mode:
    • Connectivity with more than one Cassandra node.
    • A new state named "Service Unavailable," when there is no connection to any Cassandra node.
    • A secure connection with Cassandra v2.2.x
    • Installation Wizard provides an option to choose External/Co-located Cassandra and Embedded Cassandra.
  • Feature Server now supports assigning calling profiles to SoftSwitch DNs. SIP Server uses SoftSwitch DNs to establish calls with remote agents.
  • While upgrading Feature Server, launcher.xml will not be updated and the options in launcher.xml remain unchanged.
  • Administrators can now configure Firmware Request Timeout, the duration within which a device requests firmware upon notification from Feature Server Device Management.
  • An issue with release is corrected. The newly installed Feature Server setup did not recognize the previous version, and did not provide the maintenance update. Follow the workaround steps provided for SIPVM-4279 in the Feature Server Known Issue page.
  • Feature Server now includes new configuration option, access-first-prompt-delay-ms, to adjust delay or add a silent prompt in multiples of 300 ms before the first prompt during voicemail access.
  • Feature Server now includes a maintenance script to remove metadata of expired voicemail messages from Feature Server Cassandra
  • Voicemail forwarding prompts are now available in all supported languages.
  • Feature Server now includes Jetty version 9.2.
  • Feature Server supports the version 2.2.8 software for the Genesys 405 desktop phone.
  • Feature Server voicemail now supports Korean.
  • Users can use the Feature Server GAX Plug-in to upload prerecorded greetings to their personal mailboxes.
  • Now you can activate JMX anonymous authentication and view the status of your Cassandra database nodes status in the Feature Server user interface.
  • SIP Feature Server Device Management supports IVR provisioning in SIP Business Continuity deployments.
  • SIP Feature Server Device Management supports the AudioCodes phone models 420 HD and 405 with the new version 2.2.8 firmware.
  • Feature Server forwards voicemail, and you can configure it.
  • If the Feature Server Cassandra database gets out of sync with Configuration Server, you can resynchronize by reimporting all necessary data from Configuration Server to your Cassandra database.
  • The privilege "Turn On/Off Voicemail Deposits for All Mailboxes" is added to the GAX Server during the installation of Genesys SIP Feature Server Plugin for GAX.
  • Agents can now change their ACD Agent State using enabled desk phones made by Polycom, Yealink, and AudioCodes/Genesys (420HD model with firmware version 2.2.2 or higher only).
  • You can can omit the confirmation question for sending a voicemail message. Set the option play-review-on-deposit to false.
  • A Feature Server Cassandra Cluster now can synchronize data with new nodes added to the cluster.
  • Now you can configure voicemail storage to comply with regional restrictions.
  • A new administrator and user interface, delivered as a Genesys Administrator Extension plug-in
  • Enhanced voicemail administration includes:
    • Email and web notifications of new voicemail deposits
    • The ability to disable voicemail deposit for all users in the environment
    • Clearer option settings for users and mailboxes
    • Mailbox deactivation
  • Device management provides the ability to automatically configure, deploy, and manage large numbers of phones remotely in an enterprise solution or contact center environment, including:
    • Bulk provisioning of IP Phones
    • Remote management of devices, including configuration and firmware upgrades
    • Support for Polycom, AudioCodes, Genesys, and Yealink phones
    • Support for phones behind SBCs and firewalls
  • Dial plan improvements include:
    • Find Me Follow Me enhancement to call forwarding
    • Simplified routing groups for outbound rules (GAX Plug-in only)
    • Simplified editing of calling profiles (GAX Plug-in only)
    • Validation of partition rules (GAX Plug-in only)
    • Validation of calling profile and partition names (GAX Plug-in only)
    • Voicemail deposit back to the mailbox of the original destination, when a call is forwarded but not answered
  • Users can disable voicemail deposit to their mailboxes
  • User access and role assignments are clearer (GAX Plug-in only)
  • Users can sort search results of users, DNs, and mailboxes (GAX Plug-in only)
  • New deletion confirmation dialogs prevent accidental deletion of objects (GAX Plug-in only)

Genesys SIP Feature Server

This product was named Genesys SIP Voicemail in a previous release. Select the tab Genesys SIP Voicemail Release 8.1.1 below, to see the documentation for that product.


[+] What is Genesys SIP Feature Server?

What's New

Release Notes


Deployment Guide

Deploy Genesys SIP Feature Server and enable its features.

Administration Guide

Manage a Genesys SIP Feature Server deployment.

User's Guide

Manage your voice mailbox and call settings.

Feature Server Sizing Tool

This spreadsheet helps you calculate your hardware needs.

Legacy Documentation


Feature Server Overview

Voicemail Features

Device Management Overview

Device Management Solution Features

More Release Information

Genesys SIP Feature Server has replaced Genesys SIP Voicemail. Unless you are already using the Genesys SIP Voicemail product, use Genesys SIP Feature Server and its documentation.

Release Notes


Deployment Guide

Use this document to deploy Genesys SIP Voicemail and enable its features.

HA Deployment Guide

Use this document to deploy Genesys SIP Voicemail high-availability and enable its features.

Administration Guide

Use this guide to show how to manage a Genesys SIP Voicemail deployment.

User's Guide

Use this document to show how to manage your voice mailbox.


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