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SIP Feature Server 8.1.2 Legacy

The documentation linked below applies only to the Genesys SIP Feature Server 8.1.2 Legacy release (8.1.200.xx). To view the current documentation for SIP Feature Server go to the SIP Feature Server documentation home page.

What is Genesys SIP Feature Server?

Genesys SIP Feature Server (formerly known as Genesys SIP Voicemail) integrates with Genesys SIP Server to provide a SIP-based voicemail and SIP feature manager for Genesys contact centers and enterprise environments. Callers leave voicemail, and users retrieve and manage that voicemail. Administrators manage users, devices, voicemail, and call disposition (the dial plan). A distributed architecture enables scalability and enhances performance.

Helpful Links

SIP Feature Server documentation

Legacy Deployment Guide

Deploy Genesys SIP Feature Server and enable its features.

Legacy Administration Guide

Manage a Genesys SIP Feature Server deployment.

Legacy User's Guide

Manage your voice mailbox and call settings.

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