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SIP Feature Server Administration Guide

This Administration Guide applies ONLY to the Legacy SIP Feature Server 8.1.200.xx release. Unless you have been told to use this documentation, use the current 8.1.2 Administration Guide

The Feature Server Administration web application enables you to provision users, devices (DNs), and mailboxes. If you installed Feature Server, you can also set up the dial plan that governs call disposition.

Some tasks, such as user and user group creation, can occur only in Genesys Administrator.

If your environment administers the dial plan through SIP Server, the Administration web application does not display the dial plan.

Voice prompts for the Telephone User Interface (TUI) are available in 11 language variants: English (UK and US), Spanish (Spain and Latin America), German, French, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese.


Provision users and mailboxes.


Monitor your Feature Server environment.


Maintain your Feature Server installations.

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