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Provisioning mailboxes

This Administration Guide applies ONLY to the Legacy SIP Feature Server 8.1.200.xx release. Unless you have been told to use this documentation, use the current 8.1.2 Administration Guide

To provision mailboxes:

  1. Log into the Feature Server administration Web application as an administrator (<Feature Server IP address>:<port>/fs/admin). Select Mailboxes. Search for the mailbox by typing the beginning of the mailbox number and pressing Search. Click the mailbox number that you want to provision.
  2. You can configure these mailbox settings:
    Setting Values (default value in bold) Description
    Status Active, Locked If the mailbox owner tries to log in unsuccessfully four times, they are locked out for 10 minutes. You can override the lock by pressing Unlock.
    Password Default, <user-selected> Press Reset to reset the password to the default.
    Messages Unread/Total (Unread high priority messages/Total high priority messages) Press Delete All to delete all normal and high priority messages
    Max Messages 10, 1 to n Press Change to set a new maximum number of messages. Press Reset to restore the default value.
    Optout Phone none, <any phone number or routing point> When set, enables a caller to transfer out of voicemail to the specified destination at any time during a call. Press Reset to restore the default value.
    Time Zone Default, Press Change to set a new time zone for all mailboxes that use the default time zone. Press Reset to restore the default value.
    Language Default (English(United States)), <language from menu> Press Change to set a new language for all mailboxes that use the default language. Press Reset to restore the default value.


  3. Optionally, press Disclaimer and upload an audio disclaimer message or other message to be played during every call, before message deposit. If you see the Disclaimer is disabled message, you must open Genesys Administrator and set the play-disclaimer option to true under the Options tab of the governing switch, in the VoicemailServer section. See Configuration options.

    Disclaimer file types:

    • For the United States and Japan, use CCITT uLaw (Mono) 64Kbps wav disclaimer files.
    • For all other nations, use CCITT aLaw (Mono) 64Kbps wav disclaimer files.
  4. </ol>

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