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PureEngage Best Practices

Find use case articles, general articles, feature-based articles, white papers, FAQs and tips about best practices for your Genesys PureEngage solution.

PureEngage Use Cases

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  • Partners: Log in to Partner Portal and select Genesys Technical Docs.
  • Employees: Access instructions to Genesys Use Cases can be found in Genie (click on the Use Case section). For users without Genie access, instructions can be found in the SMART CoE Portal (VPN required) under the SMART Use Case Collateral section. Once you launch the Genesys Use Cases repository, it is important to log in with the provided credentials. The login button can be found on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Customer Engagement


Genesys Callback


      Genesys Mobile Engagement

        Genesys Web Engagement


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          Outbound for Cloud

            Employee Engagement

            Omnichannel Desktop

            Cloud CTI

              Web Services and Applications

                Workspace Desktop Edition

                  Premier Edition Cloud

                    Workforce Optimization

                    Speech and Text Analytics

                      Workforce Management

                        Business Optimization



                          Business Edition Premise

                            Orchestration Server


                              Genesys Interaction SDK

                                Performance Advisors

                                  Platform SDK


                                    Genesys Info Mart

                                      Genesys Predictive Routing

                                        Interaction Concentrator

                                          Workload Management

                                          Genesys Rules System

                                            intelligent Workload Dist.

                                              Other Best Practices

                                              Best Practices and White Papers

                                                Genesys Care (Support)

                                                  Web Real-Time Communications

                                                    White Papers and FAQs

                                                    Information on a wide range of topics is under development. Help us provide the information you need by sending your suggestions for useful topics to Genesys Technical Publications at the following address: Techpubs.webadmin@genesys.com

                                                    White Papers


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