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Genesys Use Cases (login required)


To access this content:

  • Partners: Log in to Partner Portal and select Genesys Technical Docs.
  • Employees: Access instructions to Genesys Use Cases can be found in Genie (click on the Use Case section). For users without Genie access, instructions can be found in the SMART CoE Portal (VPN required) under the SMART Use Case Collateral section. Once you launch the Genesys Use Cases repository, it is important to login with the provided credentials. The login button can be found on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Use Cases are the way we visualize great experiences, discover business opportunities and design solutions referred to as The Genesys Way.

PureEngage Use Cases

If you have access rights to the content (see note above), you can access the portal page for Genesys PureEngage Use Cases here:

PureConnect Use Cases

If you have access rights, you can access the portal page for Genesys PureConnect Use Cases here:

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