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In the Column List:

  • P = Primary key
  • M = Mandatory field
  • F = Foreign key (where the term is used loosely to indicate a surrogate key reference to a field in another table, not a formal constraint)
  • DV = Default value
  • In the Data Type column, varchar/nvarchar means that the data type is varchar except in multi-language databases that use Unicode, in which case the data type is nvarchar.



Modified: 8.5.003 (in Oracle, fields with VARCHAR data types use explicit CHAR character-length semantics); (data type for TABLE_NAME increased from 30 to 255 characters)

In partitioned databases, this table is partitioned.

This table stores information about errors that Genesys Info Mart encounters during data transformation for a certain interaction. Except for the INTERACTION_FACT table storing an interaction ID, no data is populated in the dimensional model tables for a discarded interaction. Instead, Genesys Info Mart writes a record in the STG_TRANSFORM_DISCARDS table, given that a certain combination of error-policy options is configured.

To assist you in preparing supplementary documentation, click the following link to download a comma-separated text file containing information such as the data types and descriptions for all columns in this table: Download a CSV file.

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Column List


Column Data Type P M F DV
TABLE_NAME varchar(255) X
INTERACTION_ID numeric(19) X X -2
GUID varchar(50)
CREATE_AUDIT_KEY numeric(19) X X
CODE int X
REASON varchar(255)/nvarchar(255) X
ETL_TS int X


Modified: (data type increased from 30 to 255 characters)
The name of the primary GIDB table for the transformation step during which an error was encountered. Out of the tables that the transformation logic treats as primary (main) and secondary (details) tables, any table may contain erroneous or missing data that prevents further transformation of the interaction; however, only the name of the primary table is stored.


The identifier of the interaction that is being discarded. This value corresponds to the INTERACTION_ID value that is stored for this interaction in the INTERACTION_FACT table. The value of "-2" is reserved for future use.


The global unique identifier that is associated with discarded data. This value is reserved for future use.


The surrogate key that is used to join to the CTL_AUDIT_LOG dimension.


Modified: 8.5.001 (error code 26 added)
The code of the data error that was encountered. This field is set to one of the following values:

  • 1 — An unspecified error.
  • 2 — An unexpected error occurred during data transformation for the INTERACTION_RESOURCE_FACT table.
  • 3 — The G_IS_LINK table is missing data about either an outgoing (source) or an incoming (target) multi-site call.
  • 4 — The G_IS_LINK includes data about multiple incoming (target) multi-site calls that have the same IS-Link value.
  • 5 — The G_IS_LINK includes data about multiple outgoing (source) multi-site calls that have the same IS-Link value.
  • 6 — The G_IS_LINK includes data about multiple (more than two) bidirectional multi-site calls (most likely, because the data source for the call data was a T-Server of a release prior to 8.0).
  • 7 — The CALLID value that is specified in IS_LINK does not match the CALLID in IS_LINK_HISTORY.
  • 8 — The value of the IPurpose key is not a number.
  • 9 — The G_PARTY_HISTORY table contains no record with ChangeType = 1 ("party_created") for a certain party.
  • 10 — The G_PARTY_HISTORY table contains multiple records with ChangeType = 1 ("party_created") for the same party.
  • 11 — The record in the G_PARTY table refers to a nonexistent parent record.
  • 12 — The call sequence cannot be established, because a party that is a source of the multi-site call cannot be found. (In other words, a party cannot be identified for this multi-site call that represents a called party in a source call, either redirected or routed the call to an external site, or initiated a single-step transfer to an external site.)
  • 13 — The record in the GO_CAMPAIGN table refers to a nonexistent group ID.
  • 14 — The cycle was found in the results of the IRF transformation.
  • 15 — Merge processing discarded a stuck G_CALL record.
  • 16 — Merge processing discarded a stuck G_IR record.
  • 17 — A negative duration was detected during IRF, MSF, or IRSF transformation.
  • 18 — The value of the ServiceObjective KVP is not a number.
  • 19 — The record in the G_CALL table refers to a nonexistent call.
  • 20 — A history record with the change type of terminated is followed by another history record for the same party.
  • 21 — The value of the VQID in the G_ROUTE_RESULT table is not unique.
  • 22 — The value of the VQID in the G_VIRTUAL_QUEUE table is not unique.
  • 23 — The value of the MEDIATION_SEGMENT_ID in transformation results is not unique.
  • 24 — The value of the PARTYGUID in transformation results is not unique.
  • 25 — No parties are detected as being associated with this call.
  • 26 — Value validation failed during UserEvent transformation or ElasticSearch transformation.


The text description of the data error that was encountered. Use this value in combination with the CODE value to troubleshoot the reason for the failure of the interaction transformation.


The UTC-equivalent date and time at which the ETL job created a record in this table.


Identifies the 15-minute interval in which the ETL job created a record in this table.

Index List

CODE U C Description
I_S_TRNFRM_DISCARDS_IXNID Improves access time, based on the INTERACTION ID.
I_S_TRNFRM_DISCARDS_SDT Improves access time, based on the ETL_DATE_TIME key.


Field Sort Comment


Field Sort Comment

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