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PureEngage Cloud Migration Guide

Welcome Enterprise Legacy Cloud (Echopass) users to the PureEngage Cloud Migration Guide. In this guide we will map your use cases to the components you will be using in PureEngage Cloud.

The purpose of this guide is to provide PureEngage Cloud documentation resources that assist Enterprise Legacy Cloud (ELC) users who are migrating to a PureEngage Cloud environment. Each chapter focuses on a feature or application in PureEngage Cloud. The chapter section titles represent tasks you performed in ELC, and the section text provides a description of a comparable task in PureEngage Cloud as well as links to detailed PureEngage Cloud documentation.

The following table provides a list of ESM (also known as Cloud Administrator) applications, corresponding PureEngage Cloud applications, and a brief description of the tasks you can perform using the PureEngage Cloud application. The table also contains a Roles column that indicates the role level required for a specific application. The roles referenced in the table are as follows:

  • Agent: A person who processes and handles customer interactions and requests.
  • Supervisor: A person who manages a group of team leaders and/or agents and also assists with processing customer interactions and requests.
  • Administrator: A person who manages the contact center from an operations standpoint (provisioning, monitoring, etc.).
Roles ESM (Cloud Administrator) application PureEngage Cloud application Tasks
Administrator EchoAdmin Agent Setup Create and manage agent accounts.
  • Manage agent groups
  • Manage agent skills
  • Manage user passwords
  • Assign agent, administrator, and supervisor rights
  • Bulk upload of agent groups
  • Configure Auto Answer and Not Ready Reason preferences
  • Configure personal and corporate speed dials
  • Manage dispositions
  • Manage digital channels such as chat or email
Administrator EchoRouting Designer Develop Self Service and Assisted Service applications.
  • Build Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications
  • Store data to be used by Designer applications
  • Manage routing options
  • Manage callback parameters
  • Create surveys
  • Manage IVR messages
  • Manage DNIS mapping
  • Configure group and individual voicemail
Supervisor, Agent EchoContact Agent Desktop Use various channels to interact with customers and co-workers.
  • Receive inbound voice and non-voice interactions
  • Place outbound voice calls
  • View recent interactions
  • Perform call handling functions
  • Participate in multimedia interactions
  • Handle simultaneous chat sessions
  • Manage speed dial functions
Administrator EchoCallback Callback Callback allows customers to provide the system with a phone number to be used for immediate callback, scheduled callback, or both.
  • Offer Scheduled callback, Immediate callback or both
  • Offer Callback based on estimated wait time
  • Detect answering machine
  • Provide option to remain in queue
Administrator, Agent, Supervisor EchoReports, EchoPulse, EchoInsite Reporting PureEngage Cloud offers both real-time and historical reporting.
  • Real-time reporting
  • Historical reporting
  • Out-of-box historical reports
Administrator Outbound Outbound Genesys Outbound enables clients to administer and manage their outbound campaigns.
  • Busy, disconnect, no answer, and answering machine screening
  • Answering machine beep tone detection
  • Dialing modes
  • List and campaign management
  • Create campaign sequences
Administrator, Supervisor Genesys Workforce Management Work Force Optimization and Workforce Management Analyze and manage agent performance and customer interactions.
  • Call and screen recording
  • Quality monitoring
  • Manage agents
Administrator Third party integrations Custom Integrations Custom back-end integrations and SFDC integrations.
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