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Work Force Optimization and Workforce Management

This chapter provides information about Genesys Work Force Optimization (WFO) and Genesys Workforce Management (WFM). WFO allows you to assess and analyze customer interactions and agent performance, while WFM provides a set of management tools that allows you to better manage your workforce.

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Work Force Optimization - Recording and Quality Monitoring

You can use recording and quality monitoring capabilities to optimize workforce performance.

  • Call Recording - Call Recording can address liability and quality concerns. Call recording allows you to record all of the calls into a particular service, or just part of the calls. You can base call recording on standard telephony information, such as caller ID, or you can base call recording on call routing data. Relevant customer data is stored with the call recording, making collections of recordings searchable. You can pause and resume recording to allow for external events that you may not want to record, such as the collection of a credit card number. Call recordings are accessible from any location with secure network connectivity. For more information about call recording, see Workforce Optimization.
  • Screen Recording - A screen recording is a recording of the agent's screen during an interaction. You can use screen recording to address liability and quality concerns. For more information about screen recording, see the Record and Analyze Customer Interactions section in Workforce Optimization.
  • Quality Monitoring - Quality Monitoring helps you develop forms and questionnaires to evaluate performance, knowledge, and productivity. You can also review recordings of agent interactions to aid in performance evaluation. For more information about Quality Monitoring, see the Assess Knowledge and Evaluate Performance section in Workforce Optimization.

Workforce Management

WFM provides real-time monitoring of contact center performance and agent-adherence. WFM allows you to manage agents, schedules and forecasts. For more information about Genesys WFM, see Workforce Management for Cloud.

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