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Agent's Guide

Workforce Management

What is the role of an Agent ?

An agent is the front line of the contact center. They communicate with customers and fellow team members through various channels, such as voice calls, chat, and email.

As an agent, you can be assigned to specific channels, consult with team members, and assist customers by providing standard responses to their questions.

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About Genesys Cloud

Genesys's cloud architecture leverages the world-class SIP-based GVP/Media Services products at Genesys's core while providing the full Genesys suite of services in the cloud. This offer is customizable to meet the needs of enterprise customers, whether they need a large number of seats, heavy-duty premise system integration, or bespoke routing and reporting. Built on Genesys’s market-leading universal queuing and routing features, the full Genesys suite will add the ability to support blended agents of any type, including blending inbound with outbound, voice with e-Services, or any other combination.

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