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Genesys PureEngage Cloud offers both real-time and historical reporting. Genesys Pulse provides real-time information about transactions that are currently taking place in the call center. To view information about customer interactions over a specified period of time, use Historical Reporting.

ESM application PureEngage Cloud application
EchoPulse, EchoInsite Genesys Real-time reporting
EchoReports Genesys Historical Reporting

Real-time reporting

Genesys Pulse provides a real-time view of contact center statistics within the Platform Administration interface. Widgets on the Genesys Pulse dashboard display object's statistical charts. You can expand widgets to provide additional views and details. For more information about real-time reporting using Genesys Pulse, see Real-time reporting.

Historical Reporting

Historical reports provide information about contact center and agent performance over a variable period of time. A number of out-of-box historical reports are available that meet most business needs. However, you can also customize historical reports, or create new reports.You can run historical reports on demand, or you can schedule reports to run at a specific time. For more information about historical reports, see Historical reporting with Genesys CX Insights.

Historical reporting out-of-box reports

Historical reports help you understand the performance of your contact center over time. For more information about historical out-of-box reports, see What historical reports are available in Genesys PureEngage Cloud?.

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