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Genesys Widgets

Genesys provides streamlined, lightweight widgets for Genesys Cloud. By embedding widgets on your site, you can add customer support backed by your deployment of Genesys Cloud. Genesys Widgets is a customer-facing user interface that you can add to your website to add passive and proactive Genesys PureEngage Cloud–based customer support. Webchat, for example, is a widget. More widgets will be made available in future releases.

Genesys Widgets provide:

  • Multi-language support
  • Easy setup and configuration

Genesys Widgets are able to integrate with your website scripts. By using the Widget Bus API, you are able to invoke Widget Commands, or receive useful information from Widget Events. For example, you can launch Widgets from your own scripts, or execute custom code when an Widget is closed.

Note: Genesys Widgets require cookies to function. Cookies are utilized to save UI states and maintain active sessions with an agent while users navigate the website.

CXWChatWidget 082017.png


Deployment Guide

Deploy Genesys Widget.

Widgets Reference

Reference guide for Widgets which includes configuration and API details.

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