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Administrator's Guide

Workforce Optimization

What is the role of an Administrator?

Administrators play several parts.


The PureEngage Cloud Administrator is the architect and overseer of the PureEngage platform (the physical and non-physical resources that you use to run your contact center, including people, skills, and data). The platform is managed from the Configuration Database.

Agent Setup

Administrators create agents, configure accounts, and assign skills to agents. Administrators set up switches, voicemail, and interaction routing, and manage call recording. Administrators set up outbound calling campaigns.


Administrators also monitor the performance of the contact center using real-time and historical reporting and Workforce Management.

Solution notes

Are you looking for some quick answers or notes about these solutions? Here are answers to a few. If you have other questions, please send us an email at Techpubs.webadmin@genesys.com.

What are the PC requirements?

  • RAM: 4 GB RAM (800 MB available for the Screen Recording Service, 400 MB available for WWE)
  • Processor: Dual-core, 2GHz CPU
  • Hard drive: 5 GB of available space (in total) for the Screen Recording Service installation and working space
    Note: Genesys Interaction Recording disk space requirements vary greatly based on the retention period of media assets on the desktop prior to download to the API. As a general guideline in assessing hard disk space, estimate the retention period of media assets and combine that configuration with sizing of files based on % of screen recording.
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, and 10, 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Citrix version: Citrix Receiver 3.3
  • Supported browsers:
    • Chrome 70+
    • Firefox 63+
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (exception: Callback is not supported on IE)
    • Microsoft Edge (exception: Callback is not supported on Edge)
      Note: With Microsoft Edge, Genesys recommends to add all sites involved in smart-failover and Identity Provider in trusted sites. For example: gwa-usw1.genesyscloud.com; api-usw1.genesyscloud.com.

There are no drivers, applets or any other downloads that need to be made to the PC, with the exception of the Genesys SIP Endpoint and Screen Recording Client for users who are processing interactions (calls, emails).

What are the bandwidth requirements?

Traffic Bandwidth Transport Via When
Voice (SIP/RTP) 100 kbps G.711, (40 kbps G.729) MPLS Per call
LDAP Negligible MPLS Per use logon
Web Service Typically low MPLS or Internet (HTTPS) Varies based on the application
Desktop/CTI 16 kbps MPLS or Internet (HTTPS) Per call
Screen Recording 350 kbps two screens MPLS or Internet (HTTPS) Per recorded call/screen
Call playback 50 kbps Internet (HTTPS) User initiated
Report download Varies MPLS or Internet (HTTPS) User initiated or can be scheduled (sFTP)

Where can I find an overview of Cloud services?

The Genesys PureEngage Cloud User Guide provides information on how Genesys PureEngage Cloud can work for, and support, your enterprise.

What hard and soft phones does Cloud support?

  • Genesys: 420HD
  • AudioCodes: 420HD, 430HD, 440HD
  • Polycom: SPIP_321, SPIP_331, SPIP_335, SPIP_450, SPIP_550, SPIP_560, SPIP_650, SPIP_670, VVX_300, VVX_310, VVX_400, VVX_410, VVX_500, VVX_600, VVX_1500
  • Yealink: SIP-T19P, SIP-T20P, SIP-T21P, SIP-T22P, SIP-T26P, SIP-T28P

Will I be able to test changes I make to my environment?

Genesys knows that contact centers require tricky routing of interactions. As such, you will have a chance to test changes you might make to aspects of your environment. Check out the details here.

About Genesys Cloud

Genesys's cloud architecture leverages the world-class SIP-based GVP/Media Services products at Genesys's core while providing the full Genesys suite of services in the cloud. This offer is customizable to meet the needs of enterprise customers, whether they need a large number of seats, heavy-duty premise system integration, or bespoke routing and reporting. Built on Genesys’s market-leading universal queuing and routing features, the full Genesys suite will add the ability to support blended agents of any type, including blending inbound with outbound, voice with e-Services, or any other combination.

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