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The Genesys recording solution leverages recorded customer interactions for critical business issues.

Designed to provide valuable information, the solution uncovers valuable insights about workforce performance and the customer experience that may be hidden within the agent‐customer interactions your organization records. It provides insight into the cause and effect relationships that influence business issues and contact center performance.

For example, with the optional Quality Management ﴾QM) add-on product, specific agent training requirements, compliance breaches or customer satisfaction issues are detected automatically.

That is, with the Genesys solution, you can know why and when customers are contacting your company, who they are talking to, why multiple contacts are needed to resolve issues, what processes cause customer frustration and whether your agents are providing an appropriate level of service.

Screen recording is available only for voice interactions. Screen recording of chat and email interactions is not available.

For additional information about the Genesys recording solution refer to:

SpeechMiner User Manual: SpeechMiner evaluates recorded customer interactions (from any recording system) for data about what is happening in your organization.

Recording Certificate Management: The Genesys recording solution enables proper management of public and private keys used to encrypt voice and screen recordings.

Deploying the Screen Recording Service: The Screen Recording Service (SR Service) enables the Agent to capture what is happening on the screen at the time of an active voice interaction.

Recording Cloud Backup Service: The Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) allows you to make a backup copy of your Genesys Interaction Recording voice files (some or all) prior to their automated deletion as per the Cloud retention policy.

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