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Genesys Interactive Insights

Also known as GI2. A presentation layer that extracts data from the Genesys Info Mart database, and presents it in readable reports to enable business and contact center managers to make better business decisions for streamlining operations, reducing costs, and providing better services.

For Genesys Cloud customers, depending on the release of Genesys Cloud that you are using, historical reporting is available through either the Genesys Interactive Insights (GI2) interface, or through Genesys CX Insights.



Reporting in the cloud

What kind of reports are available in Genesys PureEngage Cloud?

To help you make informed, timely business decisions, Genesys PureEngage Cloud offers both real-time dashboard views and historical operational performance reports.

Genesys PureEngage Cloud reporting tools provide easy-to-read visual summaries of the activity in your contact center, including information about agent performance, queues, and detailed information about interactions.

  • Current events — To see information about customer interactions that are currently taking place, you can use Genesys Pulse.
  • Historical information — To see detailed information about what happened with customer interactions over a specified period of time, you can use Genesys Interactive Insights (GI2), which opens when you click Reporting in the Genesys PureEngage Cloud Portal.

Both real-time and historical reports are available using Web-based technology, so you can access contact center performance data anywhere, anytime.

How can I access real-time information?


When you need to understand the current status—what's going on right now—of your contact center performance, use Genesys Pulse to help manage the resources that interact with your customers. Genesys Pulse pulls data from a real-time metrics engine (Stat Server) and uses it to provide at-a-glance dashboard views of real-time contact center statistics. Genesys Pulse offers the flexibility and speed to make informed decisions quickly and gives you the tools to manage your service level objectives and improve employee performance.

To access Genesys Pulse, click the Platform Administration button on the Genesys Portal, log in, and then click Pulse in the header menu. For more information, see How do I generate real-time reports using Genesys Pulse?

List of ready-to-use reports: The following table lists the out-of-box reports displayed in widgets included in the default Genesys Pulse dashboard, and explains cases where you might find them useful:
[+] Genesys Pulse Reports and Use Cases

How can I access historical reports?


When you want to see how your contact center performs over time, use Genesys Interactive Insights to view Historical Reports.

[+] What are Historical Reports?

Several historical reports are ready to use out of the box, and provide easy-to-read summaries of the performance of your contact center. You can specify date and time ranges for each report, and make other choices to control the output of each report. You access historical reports through Genesys Interactive Insights, which is built on a SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE) platform, and draws aggregated historical information from the Genesys Info Mart data warehouse to provide reports.

List of ready-to-use Reports: For a complete list of the reports available in Genesys Interactive Insights, and for information about running and reading reports, see Historical Reporting with Genesys Interactive Insights. To access historical reports in Genesys PureEngage Cloud, click the Reporting button on the Genesys Portal.

What is Genesys Info Mart all about?

For advanced users interested in understanding more about how historical reporting works in Genesys PureEngage Cloud, the Genesys Info Mart component is important. Genesys Info Mart is the underlying database that provides a structure for collecting contact center analytics data, and sorting it to provide insights to business users. Info Mart data can be used to create reports, feed analytical applications, or create executive dashboards. For more information, see the section in this document that describes exporting data from the Genesys Info Mart Historical Database.


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