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Real-time Reporting with Genesys Pulse 8.5

This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Reporting in Genesys Engage cloud.

Genesys Pulse provides at-a-glance views of real-time contact center statistics on dashboards within the user interface.

You require the appropriate user privileges to perform actions.


You can

  • view reports in widgets on either your Genesys Pulse dashboard or wallboard.
  • customize widgets to display user-defined Donut, Grid, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), or List charts.
  • use custom templates to quickly create report widgets for your dashboard.

Ready? Get started.

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New to Pulse

Your version of Pulse might not include all the new functionality covered in this guide:

  • Wallboards are now available.
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