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Explaining Genesys Info Mart Data

The following pages explain how contact center interactions are represented in the Genesys Info Mart database tables and how to use the data that is stored by Genesys Info Mart for contact center historical reporting. The information includes:

  • Descriptions of how data that is related to interaction-handling attempts, interaction resources, interactions, mediation segments, contact attempts for Outbound Contact campaigns, and agent activity is populated (see Populating Genesys Info Mart Data and related links on that page)
  • Explanations of the meaning of the descriptors Genesys Info Mart uses to identify how interactions arrive at and depart from contact center resources (see Technical Descriptors)
  • How dates and times of day are represented (see Representing Dates and Times of Day)
As noted in the information about the Genesys Info Mart Historical Database Reference, the pages in this document are reproduced from the enterprise-level documentation for Genesys Info Mart, and some of the documented customizations, features, and functionality might not be available in your cloud deployment or in your Data Export.
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