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Info Mart GIDB Tables

The Global Interaction Database (GIDB) tables in the Info Mart schema are based on equivalent tables in the Interaction Concentrator database (IDB), which is the upstream data source for Info Mart data. The GIDB table descriptions in this document are reproduced from the Interaction Concentrator documentation.

The following GIDB tables are available for export:

System Fields

Certain fields appear in multiple tables. These fields, whose field names all begin with GSYS_, are reserved for use by internal Genesys system functions.

The following fields can have special and unique meanings in various tables:


The following fields have identical meanings regardless of where they appear:

  • GSYS_DOMAIN—In all operational tables, contains the data source session ID (DSS_ID) for the session that was active when the data was processed by ICON. The DSS_ID identifies the session in the data source session control tables (the G_DSS_*_PROVIDER tables, where the asterisk represents the particular provider, as specified by the ICON role—cfg, gcc, gls, gos, or gud). The value points to (a) a data source session ID that uniquely identifies the connection between the ICON application, the data source application (for example, T Server), and the switch; and (b) the timeframe during which the connection was active.
    In other tables, GSYS_DOMAIN is reserved for internal use.
  • GSYS_SYS_ID—Reserved for internal use.

Dictionary Types

Some field descriptions refer to dictionary types, which are defined by ICON. The G_DICTIONARY Values page lists the dictionary types that are relevant for the GIDB configuration tables documented in this guide.

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