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Getting started

This page describes the new Workforce Management (WFM) Forecast module interface (introduced in 8.5.2). If you are using the Supervisor (Classic) interface and have landed on this page by accident, see the Getting Started page in the Workforce Management Web for Supervisors (Classic) Help, which describes all modules, including the classic Forecast module.

Site supervisors can use a web browser to log in to WFM Web for Supervisors and forecast staffing requirements, based on service objectives and historical data.

Security features

WFM Web includes security features that prevent unauthorized access to information. You can view and make changes only to those modules and objects (such as business units or sites) for which you have security access. You cannot access other modules or objects.

Using multiple browser windows

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, Genesys recommends that you not run WFM Web in more than one browser window on the same workstation, because doing so can cause the application to behave in unexpected ways.

If you are using Internet Explorer, Genesys recommends (for the same reason) that you not open a second browser window on the same WFM Web session by selecting File > New or pressing Ctrl+N. However, starting a separate WFM Web session by launching a separate Internet Explorer browser thread does not appear to cause this problem.

Setting the clock

WFM Web for Supervisors picks up the regional settings or locale from the browser language settings. You may wish to change this if, for example, WFM Web appears in a 12-hour format and you want to view a 24-hour format.

Glossary of Terms

The terms and acronyms that are used throughout the WFM documentation appear as links that reference a glossary containing their definitions. You can view these definitions by clicking the link, which opens in a pop-up window on the page you are viewing. For example, average handle time.

Also, see the entire Genesys Glossary.

Links to more information

The new Supervisor interface currently contains the new Forecast module only. Other modules are currently under development.

Logging in and out Explains how to start your WFM Web session.
Common controls Explains the layout and functions of the WFM Web controls in the new Supervisor interface.
Forecasts Explains how to forecast staffing requirements based on projected interaction volumes and service objectives.
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