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Shared Transport Settings

You configure settings on three tabs in the Shared Transport view (after clicking New New button or selecting an existing shared transport):

At the top of all three tabs you will find the Save button Save icon, which enables you to save the shared transport settings in a particular tab, and the Help button Help icon.

Properties Tab

Use these controls when you are creating or updating shared transport:

Shared Transport Name field Edit the name of the shared transport.
Shared Transport Status radio buttons Select Open or Closed.
This is the bus check box Designate this shared transport as the company bus or clear to remove that designation.
Maximum Size field
Enter or select the maximum number of bus riders for this shared transport. Enabled only if the This is the bus check box is selected (use only if this shared transport is a bus).
Comments field Enter or edit the comment text.

Participants Tab

Use these controls when you are adding participants to the shared transport:

Add button Add Agents Enables you to add agents to the Participants list, by opening a list of Available Agents.
Remove button Remove Agents Removes selected agents from the Participants list. This action cannot be undone.
Sort button Sort Sorts the participants list by First Name, Last Name, or Team.

The Participants tab also displays three columns: First Name, Last Name, and Team name of the participants in the selected shared transport.

List of Available Agents

The Available Agents pane contains the following fields and controls:

Search button Search field Enables you to enter criteria, used to search for available agents.
Search by:
radio buttons
Enables you to search for available agents by First Name or Last Name.
Apply button Apply Applies the agents you select from the Available Agents list to the Participants list.
Close button Close Closes the Available Agents pane without applying any selections.
Sort button Sort Sort the available agents by First Name, Last Name, or Team.

Join Requests Tab

Use these controls and columns when you are managing join requests:

Approve button Approve When clicked, approves the selected requests.
Decline button Decline When clicked, declines the selected requests.
Description of columns:
Pending button (pending) Shows the question mark icon (pending) until the request is approved or declined (see above) and then the icon changes accordingly.
Agent Name of the agent who made this request to join the shared transport.
Site Site of the agent who made this request to join the shared transport.
Team Team of the agent who made this request to join the shared transport.
Comments Shows any comments that relate to the Join Request.
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