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Edit Item Dialog

Use the Edit Item dialog box to edit the start time, and the end time or duration, of an agent's schedule item.

  1. In the Intra-Day or Agent-Extended grid, right-click an agent's shift or shift item.
    To edit the shift itself, right-click anywhere in the shift. To edit a shift item (activity set, time off, marked time, break, or meal), right-click that item. See Edit Exception Dialog Box if you are editing an exception.
  2. From the shortcut menu that appears, click or hover over Edit to display the Edit submenu.
  3. From the submenu, select the item that you want to edit.
    The submenu always includes the Shift option. If it omits the shift item that you intended to edit, press Esc to close the shortcut menu, and then right-click again directly inside that shift item.
  4. Adjust the Start time and End time, if you want to.
    Select Next Day next to the Start Time and End Time text boxes if the shift item starts on the day after the agent's shifts begin. Or select Next Day next to the End Time text box if the shift item begins on the same day as the agent's shifts begin, but ends on the day after.
  5. If you are editing a shift, you can select Move Schedule Items With Shift.
    • If you select this check box, you cannot directly edit the shift's end time. WFM Web calculates the end time based on the start time that you enter. It moves the whole shift and all shift items, except for meals and exceptions.
    • If you leave this check box cleared, you can specify the shift's start and end time.
    • The Move Schedule Items With Shift option appears only when you edit a shift.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.

The dialog box closes if the edit is successful. The grid reflects your edits to this schedule item, and adjacent activity sets may automatically expand or contract to maintain a continuous schedule.

A Warning message appears if the edit violates time constraints for the shift or any shift item. For example, WFM Web attempts to maintain the distribution of breaks and activity sets within shifts, and it never moves meals or exceptions along with shifts. Also, meals cannot occur outside shift hours.

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