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Team Synchronicity

This screen appears only if you selected at least one site under the category Use Team Constraints on the first screen. Each site that you checked on that screen (Select Sites) appears in the leftmost column of a table. The others columns display certain settings for each site.

Specify the following parameters:

Synchronize Days Off Select this check box to specify that days off should be synchronized for all teams.
Synchronize By Each cell is a drop-down menu that you can use to specify the synchronization combinations to apply when you are building the schedule:
  • No additional synchronization
  • Shift Start Time—If this check box is checked, use the duration control Maximum Start Time Difference to specify the maximum difference between shift start times inside the team. Use the format HH:MM; where 02:59 is two hours and fifty-nine minutes.
  • Paid Duration
  • Shift Start Time and Paid Duration
  • Shift Start Time, Paid Duration, and Meals
  • Shift Start Time, Paid Duration, Meals and Breaks
  • Paid Duration and Meals
  • Paid Duration, Meals and Breaks
Maximum Start Time Difference Each cell is a spinner box where you can specify this value in the hh:mm format. The range is from 0 (zero) to 23:59.
Apply constraints only to the same contracts inside team Select this check box to specify that while synchronizing teams, WFM must take configured contract information into account while creating the schedule. By default, this check box is cleared.
This check box is enabled only when one of the options Paid Duration, Paid Duration and Meals or Paid Duration, Meals and Breaks is selected in the Synchronize By column. The check box is disabled, otherwise, because it does not apply when shifts are synchronized.

Click Next to continue, or Cancel to discard your selections and close the wizard.

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