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Add or Edit Shifts

If you select Shift on the Choose Calendar Item screen, the Choose Shift screen appears when you click Next.

  1. Select a shift name from the Shifts list.
    This list shows all shifts that are available for the selected agents and days.
  2. Change the Start Time, if necessary.
    The drop-down list shows all possible start times for the selected shift, based on the shift's configuration.
  3. Enter or change the End Time, if necessary.
    You can either type a time directly into the text box, or use the up or down arrow to select the time. The field accepts only times that match the selected shift's configured end times.
  4. Select Next Day if the End Time is on the day after the Start Time.
  5. If you want to enter a comment, type it into the Comments text box.
  6. Click Finish.
    The Calendar reappears, displaying the new or edited shift.
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