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General Role Privileges

The role privileges under General provide the following user access:

  • Show agent wage field—Controls user access to view the Hourly Wage field in WFM Web for Supervisors Configuration > Agents > Properties pane. It also controls whether the user will see agent wage information in the Agent Properties report.
  • Show unassigned agents—Controls whether the selected user can view unassigned agents that appear in all lists where agents appear. The lists appear in the Organization module in Sites > Teams > Add Agents and Sites > Agents > Add Agents.
    New agents without logins (or with logins to multiple switches) are imported automatically during synchronization even if the Show unassigned agents option is turned off for the user who triggers synchronization; although they are not visible to this user. The only security for these new agents is Tenant security.
  • Allow Backup/Restore—Controls user access to the WFM Database Utility to perform backups and restores. If cleared, the user cannot log into the Database Utility. For more information on this utility, see the Workforce Management Administrator's Guide.
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