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Insert Multiple Wizard

Use the Insert Multiple Wizard (IMW) to add an item, such as a break, into multiple agents' schedules at once. You can use it in either Scenarios or the Master Schedule.

Using the Insert Multiple Wizard

To use the wizard:

  1. In Intra-Day, Agent-Extended, or Weekly view, select Insert Multiple from one of the following:
    • Actions toolbar WM 851 icon-insert-multiple.png
    • Actions menu
    • Right-clicking the Shortcut menu (not in Weekly view)
      The Select Activities screen opens. If you have unsaved changes, WFM Web prompts you to save them before proceeding.
  2. Select one or more activities to insert.
    The Select Agents page opens.
  3. Select the agents whose schedules you are editing. (Agents without skills are not displayed in the Select Agents page.)
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the dates in which to insert items, and then click Next.
  6. On the Select State Type page, select a state, and then click Finish (for a Day Off) or Next (for other schedule items).
  7. Fill in the breaks, meals, exceptions, time off, shift, marked time, or work set selection page that appears next.
  8. Click Finish.

When the view reappears:

  • If the Auto-Commit inserted items check box was enabled, and you are editing a schedule scenario, your changes are committed to the scenario.
  • If the Auto-Commit inserted items check box was not enabled and you are editing a schedule scenario, then your changes appear in the schedule in Pending mode. You must commit them or roll them back with the Commit/Rollback Multiple wizard.

Pending changes in a schedule scenario are not transferred to the Master Schedule when the scenario is published. If you are editing the Master Schedule, and the Auto-Commit inserted items check box is enabled, then the changes are committed to the Master Schedule are visible to all users.

Auto-Committing Inserted Items

In step 3 above, if you are using the Insert Multiple feature in one of the Master Schedule views and you have the Approve Changes security permission, you can select the Auto-commit inserted items check box to have your changes immediately inserted into the schedule. If you do not have the necessary security permission, this check box is cleared and disabled. In that case, any inserts that you make are pending, and they must be committed or approved before they can take effect in the official version of the Master Schedule.

If you are using one of the Scenario views, this check box is always enabled.

If the Auto-Commit inserted items check box is not enabled, then changes go into a Pending mode and appear to you, but not to other users, in the Master Schedule views. Pending changes in the Master Schedule must either be:

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