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Use the Adherence module to monitor real-time agent adherence to the schedule. You can display adherence data in the Details View (table) or the Graphical View (pie chart).

Each view refreshes its data at the time interval that is specified in WFM Web Application object's Options tab > Adherence section > RefreshTime option. The minimum refresh interval that you can configure is one second. Genesys recommends that you set the refresh interval to the minimum acceptable time, such as 20 seconds, as a shorter refresh time will affect overall system performance.

Agent information is updated automatically when the data in Configuration Server changes.

To force a display of updated information in either view:

  • Click Refresh.

Adherence in Multi-Channel Sites

WFM determines if agents are adherent by comparing their channel real-time state, plus the reason codes, with the scheduled states for that same channel during each specified time interval. If at least one scheduled state for that channel can be mapped to the channel real-time state, according to its adherence rules, the agent is considered adherent.

Head Count for Activities in Multi-Channel Sites

WFM calculates the agent head count for activities in this way: If the activity belongs to a channel-related schedule state group, the agent is counted for the activity only if he/she is compliant with the adherence rules for that channel. Also, if an agent is non-adherent overall, but adherent for a channel, the agent is added to the head count for the activities for that channel.

Exporting Adherence Data

To export adherence data to a report or in CSV-friendly format, see the Adherence Reports.

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