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Reports Generated

Select Generated Reports in the module area to display a grid that lists scheduled reports that have already been generated. Select a report in the list and use these controls to manage it:

Delete button—Remove the selected report. You must be the creator of the scheduled report task or have the right to access all scheduled report tasks.

Show All button—This a toggle. Select it to display all reports generated that have been created by all users (the icon becomes darkened). Clear it to display only reports that have been generated by the current user.

Save As button—Download the selected report in the format that it was saved after generation. A standard Save File dialog appears.

The grid has the following columns: Name, Report type, User, Time (date and time), and Status (information about a report’s generation).

To specify the network path to store generated reports, use Genesys Administrator to modify or create the option PathToAutoGeneratedReports in the WFM Web application. See WFM Configuration Options in the Workforce Management Administrator's Guide.

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