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Section: CalendarService
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately
Dependencies: None

Specifies how WFM Server processes multiple time-off requests submitted simultaneously by a single agent.

If this option value is set to true, WFM Server processes these time-off items in one batch. If set to false, WFM Server processes these time-off items one-by-one.

Review Batch Requests Dialog

The Review Batch Requests dialog opens when a supervisor edits (prefers, grants, declines, deletes, or publishes) time-off requests that fall within a bidding period. WFM batches all agent time-off requests within that period and marks them as one request. If a supervisor selects only one or two items in the batch, the dialog opens with a message, such as, You are about to Grant selected items that are part of a batch request(s), including Time Offs below. Selected action can be applied only to all listed items at once. Do you want to proceed?

The dialog lists all of the selected time-off items, including the dates, the name of the agent (who is requesting the time off), the start/end times, and the name of the time-off item. The supervisor can select Proceed or Cancel.

You can change the way WFM processes time-off batch requests. See the WFM Server Application configuration option [Calendar Service] BatchRequest in the Workforce Management Options Reference.
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