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Set Values Dialog

Use the Set Values dialog box to adjust the maximum number or percentage of agents who can have time off at any one time during a specified period.

  • Use this feature to adjust the maximum for periods, such as holiday seasons, when you might want to have a different maximum value than during the rest of the year.

To use the Set Values dialog box:

  1. Select the Calendar tab.
  2. Select Time-Off Limits from the Views menu.
  3. Select a site, multi-site activity, team, or activity in the Objects tree. You cannot select a business unit or an individual agent.
  4. Select Set Values from the Actions menu, to display the Set Values dialog box.
  5. Enter a start date and end date for the period.
  6. Enter a value for one or both of the following fields:
    • Max Agent—The maximum number of agents who can have time off during the specified period. You must enter a positive whole number.
    • Max %—The maximum percentage of agents.
      • No Time-Off Limits—Leave the text box blank.
      • No Time Off Allowed—Enter 0.
      • Some Time Off Allowed—Enter the number or percentage of agents who are allowed to be on time off.
  7. Click OK, or click Cancel to discard your changes.

The Set Values dialog box closes, and the new values appear on the Time-Off Limits table.

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