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NFW: Select Activity

Use the Select Activity screen in the New Forecast Wizard (NFW) to finish defining your new forecast.

  1. Expand the applicable sites or business units.
  2. Select the single-site or multi-site activities that you want to be included in this forecast. These are activities previously defined in the WFM Web.
    You can expand business units to display their sites and multi-site activities, and you can expand sites to display their activities. You can select any number of activities.

    By default, all activities are selected when this screen opens. Clear the check boxes for any activities that you do not want to include in this forecast scenario.

    If you selected a value from the General Parameters screen's Based on drop-down list, the activities that were in the source scenario are selected in the Activities list. You can select any additional activities, or clear selected ones, to customize this forecast scenario.
    You can add activities to a forecast after it has been created.
  3. Click Finish to generate the new forecast.
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