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Activity Properties Report

To create an Activity Properties Report:

  1. On the Reports tab, select Configuration Reports from the Views menu.
  2. Select Activity Properties Report from the list on the Objects pane.
    The Reports Wizard's first screen, Header, appears.
  3. To print a header on the report, select Show Header and type your header text into the text box.
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the Data screen, select the activities you want to include in the report.
    You can expand business units to display their sites; you can expand sites to display their activities. You can select any combination of activities from multiple sites.
  6. Click Finish.
    The report appears in the Report Viewer.

Understanding the Activity Properties Report

Site [header] The selected site, its time zone, and the maximum number of seats available.
Activity Each activity that you selected to include in the report.
Hours of Operation (Start Time, End Time) The start and end times for each activity on the indicated day in hh:mm format. (A plus sign (+) before the end time indicates that the activity ends on the next day.)
Maximum Simultaneous Users The maximum number of agents scheduled to perform each activity at any one time.
Minimum Staffing The minimum staffing levels configured for each activity. Minimum Staffing Level can be shown as a percentage or shown as number of agents (see Activity Properties). If the Minimum Staffing Level parameter is configured as percentage, then the value is shown as a percentage; For example, 20%. If set as agents, then this value is shown as a number; For example, 20.
Skills (Min-Max Levels) The skills, and minimum and maximum skill levels, configured for each activity.
Activity Set Name The name of the activity set in which the activity is included (if applicable).
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