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Site and Build Options

Use the Intra-Day Schedule Rebuild Wizard's Select Sites screen to select a site and schedule rebuild options.

This screen displays a table, with a separate row for each available site. Within each row are columns that contain build options.

  • Choose all items in any column by selecting the check box at the top of the column. Clear the check box to reject all items.
  • Choose any individual item in any row by selecting the check box in that row. Clear the check box to reject that item.

Changes to the Intra-day Schedule Rebuild Wizard

The Intra-day Schedule Rebuild Wizard also has the new Use Shared Transport Constraints option. This option has the same purpose and similar functionality as the Shared Transport Constraints option in the Schedule Build Wizard.

The columns contain the following build options.


Each row contains a site that is in the currently selected schedule scenario. You must select at least one site.

If you do not see a site that you want to include, cancel and create a new schedule scenario that contains that site, and then use it as the basis for your schedule build.

Force Single Skill

If you select this option and an agent has multiple skills, the agent can be scheduled for only one activity on each workday.

If you clear this option, the agent can be scheduled for multiple activities on the same day.

Use Required

If you select this option, the schedule is built by using the Required Staffing forecast, and not the Calculated Staffing forecast.

Disable monthly constraints for the first month

Select this check box when the first month is not complete (because you are scheduling from the middle of the month) and there is no historical data for the beginning of the month. In this situation, schedule building cannot correctly accommodate monthly constraints, such as minimum or maximum work hours per month.

Select this check box to relax those constraints for this month.

Shuffle Agents

If you select this option, the agent pool is randomized before scheduling. (Randomizing ensures that the schedule's results are independent of the sequence in which agents are loaded into the scheduling algorithm.)

Use Team Constraints

If you select this option, the schedule start times are synchronized for agents in the same team, within the configured threshold.

If you select this option, the Team Synchronicity page will appear later in wizard, and there you can specify how daily schedules for agents in the same team should be synchronized.

Use Shared Transport Constraints

Select this option to enable shared transport group constraints when the schedule is rebuilt. The participants in a shared transport group can work in shifts that begin and end at different times; however, they should not deviate greatly, or the shared transport group will become impractical. You will specify the length of the deviation.

If you select this option, the Shared Transport Constraints wizard page will appear instead of the Team Synchronicity wizard page. There, you will specify the maximum allowable deviation in the schedule of each participant in the same shared transport group.

Shared Transport is known by many different names worldwide—bus, carpool, ride share, lift share, and paratransit, for example. See Wikipedia for details.

Exclude Granted Agents from Used Constraints

If you select this option, agents who have been granted full-day exceptions or working hours are not considered when team synchronization is enforced.

Always select this option when you are using team constraints.

Click Next to continue or Cancel to discard your selections and close the wizard.

Use Secondary Activities

Check this option to assign a secondary activity to agents directly. Activity assignment is based on skills and skill levels, therefore a secondary activity is one in which at least one of the agent's skills is marked as secondary. Leave this option unchecked if you want only primary activities considered in the Site schedule scenario.

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