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Staffing Build: Provide Target Options

Use the Provide Target Options screen in the Staffing Build Wizard to specify the options described below.

Indirectly Occupied Time

At a minimum, enter a value for Indirectly Occupied Time (IOT). IOT is a parameter that helps define the queuing model that WFM uses when building a staffing forecast. Here is why:

There is a certain pool of agents that WFM considers in its queuing model when determining how calls would be distributed from the queue to agents. IOT affects the availability of agents to handle calls. For example, if IOT is defined as 10%, that means that 10% of the time, an agent will not be in the agent pool (because the agent is off the phone).

To use template data, select the Use Template Data check box and click the Load Templates button to load the specific templates that you want to be used.

Use Service-Level Objectives

Select this check box to enable the Specify Service Level Objectives screen, later in the wizard.

Compare Results with Previous

If you want to compare the results obtained from the Staffing Build Wizard with the previous staffing scenario results, select the Compare results with previous check box.

If you do so, after you have completed the wizard, the Staffing Build Results window opens, showing a comparison of the new and previous results.

If the selected activity has the type Deferred, then the Initial Queue field is displayed and inside it you must enter an integer value that is 0 or greater. You can leave this value empty, to indicate that the build process will assume that the value is 0.

How is the Initial Queue Value Determined?

WFM Server posts a default value in Initial Queue field, based on existing information and calculations. WFM Server uses the ending queue value of the previous day as the default value. If it is the first day of Forecast scenario, this value is taken from Master Forecast.

This same value is used in the Contact Center Performance Report > Queue > Forecasted column for the first day of the new forecasting period after you publish the Master Forecast.

For example, if you have published the Master Forecast for 02/02 - 08/02, the Contact Center Performance Report > Queue > Forecasted column for 09/02 displays the backlog value that is proposed in the Staffing Forecast Build wizard for 09/02 in the Initial Queue field.

The Initial Queue field is hidden for all activity types except Deferred.

Click Next to open the wizard's next screen.

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