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VBW: Select Events Distribution

Use the Select Events Distribution screen in the Volumes Build Wizard (VBW) to view and optionally change the distribution method of the selected overlay in a Forecast Volumes scenario.

The functionality on this page duplicates the Distribution tab of the Overlays page, if Always Use Entered Distribution was selected on the Properties tab of that page.

Graph—Displays the same information as the grid below it displays, but in graphical form.

Grid—Displays and allows you to edit the overlay's distribution in the following columns:

  • Daily or Hourly Impact—Each row displays an increment during which the overlay will be in effect. The actual increment (Day or Hour) is configured in Spread.
  • Distribution Value—Displays the distribution value of each increment. The default value in each cell is 0.
    • If the selected overlay is of the type impacting, then you can enter values from -100 to 9999 into the grid.
    • If the selected overlay is of the type redistributing, then you can enter values from 0 to 100 into the grid.
      If the total of all values in the grid does not equal 100, you will see a warning and will not be able to save your changes to the overlay.
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