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Time Zones

Time zones are initially set up in Genesys Administrator and then imported into Workforce Management automatically during synchronization.

Time Zones List

The Time Zones list displays all time zones that were imported during synchronization. You can only apply time zones that are in this list to WFM objects, such as sites or business units.

Use the scroll bar or enter criteria into the Search field to find the a time zone.

Daylight Saving Information

Each seasonal daylight saving time change must be configured in advance to record historical data using the correct local time.

Synchronizing Time Zones

WFM Server transfers all time zones configured in Genesys Administrator into Workforce Management through automatic synchronization.

Synchronization overrides the daylight saving settings you have configured for time zones unless you select Do Not Synchronize when you configure your daylight saving offset. See Time Zone Settings for this procedure.

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