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Load Forecast Template Window

Use the Load Forecast Template window to select a forecast template. This window opens when you:

The template's type, and its associated activity, match your selections in the previous view or window.

To use this window:

  1. Select a template in the list of available Templates at the upper left.
    The list shows each source template's name and, for overlap templates, its date range.
  2. Select a Start date and End date at the lower left, using the date-selection controls.
    The date range that you can specify depends on the context from which you opened this window. For non-overlap templates, you cannot select dates outside the selected template's date range, and you cannot apply templates with overlapping date ranges.
  3. Select the check boxes (at the lower left) beside any weekday to which you want to apply this template.
    This does not apply to overlap templates.
  4. Click >>> to apply the template.
    The template moves into the Applied Templates list at the upper right. That list shows your date and weekday selections, where applicable.
  5. Repeat the preceding steps for any additional templates that you want to apply.
  6. Click <<< if you want to remove any of your selections from the Applied Templates list.
  7. Click OK to load the templates that you have applied.
    You are returned to the window from which you opened the Load Forecast Template window.
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