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Site Configuration

You must have the Access backend configuration security right to view the Sites > Configuration pane.

Use the Configuration pane and the parameters described below to configure the Data Aggregator (DA) setup for the site.

  • Data Aggregator—Select the Data Aggregator instance for this site. If the application selected is not validated by Genesys Configuration Server or if no application is selected, WFM uses the default value <none>.
    • Restart Data Aggregator button Restart Data Aggregator button—Click to restart DA. (WFM Web prompts you to save any outstanding changes before restarting.)
  • Stat Server—A read only field, containing the name of Stat Server Application that is specified in the selected Data Aggregator Application's connection properties. If there is no selected DA, or if the DA Application or Stat Server ID is invalid, this field is empty.
  • Tenant—Enter the name of the tenant. The default value is Environment.
  • Tenant Password—Enter the tenant password that was set in Genesys Administrator. If not set in Genesys Administrator, the password is blank. This value does not display in plain text.
  • Time Profile—From the drop-down list, select a time profile. This list is populated with data from Stat Server Application's Options\TimeProfiles section. The default value is <none>.
  • Switch Used for Statistics—Select the switch that will be used for handling statistics. The default value is <none>.
  • Associated Switch—Select the switch that is associated with the site that will be used to synchronize Genesys configuration objects.
    • Unassign Agents in case Genesys login is deleted check box—Enter a check mark in this box if you want WFM to automatically unassign from this site, any agent whose login is deleted from this site.
    • Assign agents if logins are for this Site only check box—Enter a check mark in this box if you want WFM to automatically assign to this site, any agent whose login is only valid for this site.
  • Dedicated WFM Server—Select the WFM Server instance that will be used for forecasting, scheduling, trading, and performance and adherence measurements. If the WFM Server Application option SynchronizationLevel is set to 1, it synchronizes agents under the Associated Switch selected in this pane. The default value is <none>.
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