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Scenario Building Schedule Dialog

The Building Schedule dialog appears after you click Finish in the Schedule Scenario Build Wizard. This dialog displays the schedule building progress and basic information about the built schedule scenario.

The Schedule Information section contains information about the schedule, such as the sites that are included in this build, the number of days in the schedule scenario, the number of agents, and the schedule start date.

The Build Progress section contains status information, such as the start time, the elapsed time, and the Current Status, indicating how the build is proceeding. After the schedule is built, the Current Status changes to Done and you can review any messages that were generated during the schedule building process. The number of messages is displayed in the bottom section of the dialog. Other information in this section includes the number of iterations of the schedule, the minimum, maximum, and probable Agent Count Range used in this schedule build.

Clicking one of the three buttons in the Building Schedule dialog enables you to take the following actions:

  • Review Messages—Opens the Review Messages dialog. Enabled only if schedule building caused messages to be generated.
  • Stop and Save—Enabled only if Optimize Profiles is selected after the application builds the first valid schedule (see Schedule Build Parameters). The application sometimes continues to build additional schedules to create an optimal schedule. To speed up the schedule building process, you can interrupt this process and save the latest results. However, this can result in schedules that are less optimal.
  • Close—Closes the Building Schedule dialog.
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